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Hand and Wrist Surgery and Treatment

OrthoConnecticut offers specialized expertise from fellowship-trained board-certified hand & wrist physicians. Treatment of the hand & wrist begins with a thorough evaluation by our hand surgeons to accurately diagnose even the most difficult cases and to formulate a personalized treatment plan. We have access to a complete range of technologically advanced resources, including on-site fluoroscopy—real-time x-ray imaging that displays motion through a continuous series of images. This state-of-the-art tool is used for diagnosing and establishing treatment.

Our highly skilled team of certified hand therapists are integral to patient care and help guide you to a fast and complete recovery. After an evaluation by a hand therapist, a comprehensive therapy program will aid your recovery from injuries and surgery, relieve pain from arthritis and tendonitis, or teach you proper ergonomic adjustments for your home and work place.